8 reasons why Brazil is the new top destination for travel

The new top destination for travel is Brazil – a country of the effervescent Samba, the homeland of beautiful beaches, the land of mistery Amazone and the cradle of South- America’s culture. All of them give us a wonderful Brazil and make it become one of the most popular destination in the world. Here is some reasons why Brazil is the new top destination for travel in 2015.

Various experiences in São Paulo

The first destination you should come is São Paulo. This is the largest and the most populous city in Brazil. At the first look, São Paulo may be look like a grey concrete jungle, but soon it becomes apparent that the city has a great number of pockets of beauty. Liberdade- the city’s Asian Neighborhood will make you impressed. Most of the shop sigh are written in Japanese or Chinese characters, the walls are covered with manga-like graffiti and you’ll find a sushi or noodle restaurant at every street corner. You can visit Airo Brasil and Futebol musieum and Ibirabuera Park. It costs only 6 real (1.72 dollars) for a tiket to enter each museum. You can’t leave here without trying eating have a meal in a restaurant which severs in Rodizio (Rodizio is a Brazilian classic-style dining).

You pay about 99 real (34 dolars) for limitless eating many kinds of meat and I found it likes buffet of meat. And you can have the tasty fruit from natives when you pay a visit Mercado Municipal and give them a smile.400km from São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro is one of the destination which give you a lot of interesting things. Like Effel tower and Statue of Liberty, most of tours in Rio go toward to Statue messiah – Christ the Redemeer in the top of Corcovado moutain. It about 38m high, with a pedestal stands 9,5m height. You can see Rio de Janeiro when you’re there and you can see this Statue everywhere in Rio. To reach to this Wonder of the world, there are trains, two cars up and down steadily, through the urban jungle Tijuca and stop in a few place for taking pictures.

From on high, the surroundings and the statue made me forget the passage of time. If you want go to the beach, don’t change your place because in Rio, they have Parati. This place is really paradise of tropical forests, waterfalls and coastal mountains. Besides, if you want to travel to a quite place, Pão do Açúcar overlooking the sea and the city’s botanical gardens, Jardim Botanico are the good ideas for you. You have known about Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro, haven’t you? This is the biggest Brazilian carnaval attracts two million people every day in the streets and nearly half a million foreigners in on its 4th celebration. Carnival is present everywhere, in the streets, squares, bars, clubs and all other venues in Rio and will be ended by a spectacular parade in the Sambadrome in Rio Samba. Summer olimpic in 2016 organized in Rio de Janeiro will bring more and more tourists travel here.

Do you want to discover the mystery of nature? Amazon welcomes you. Here, you will easily catch sight of salamanders in the marina, the parrot often stopped by to ask breakfast’s bread, the monkeys ready to climb the shoulder, reached into the pockets of tourists to find food … Especially at night, the guide just pokes his hand lightly and easilycatch the small Caiman in order that the tourists can see them. Night fishing trip between blue sky full moon and stars always responded male tourists. After dinner, instead of returning to the room, they prepare to carry belongings rod and bait, go to a system of rivers Amazon and bait, enjoy the sounds of the jungle about midnight. Serenity, confidence and brings many valuable lessons, trips to the Amazon deserves list certain points you should stop in Brazil.

Jericoacoara is considered “The paradise on Earth”. If you don’t mind the rough roads think you should ride a bike to enjoy all the beauty in this village. Jericoacoara is a small village, organized around 3 sandy streets, lost between the desert and the sea. People mostly spend their time relaxing on the beach, grilling barbecued shrimps and playing music at night. In Jericoacora, they also play a sport called the Capoeira (a martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music) and climb the big dune located on the beach to watch the most amazing sunset take place. Not only see the sun set, but also in Lencois Maranhenses National Park you can swim in crystalline freshwater lakes which formed between massive white sand dunes, not too far from the Amazon.

Take a risk at Iguazu Falls.

Like Niagara split the US and Canadian territory, Iguazu Falls is the natural border between Argentina and Brazil. Even from far away, the tourists can hear the noisy of strong water from above. From the banks of Argentina, visitors can go by the motor boat headed directly toward the foot waterfall, and on the banks of Brazil, the bridge to the edge of the water flow beneath billowing which stretch out to the far side was enough to make the tourists shudder. If you have time and conditions, you should visit the waterfall in the 2 side. In Argentina’s side, you can come to the speed boat trip in a station about 2 km from the waterfall. This is a challenging trip which really brings the visitors the moments of suffocation. Every tourists are given raincoats and plastic bags to seal the camera column and handbags by water influx as the downpour. After everyone was seated, the ship like an arrow on the screen each time a thick fog.

The beach day in Fernando de Noronha.

Fernando de Noronha is an archipelago with beautiful pristine beaches, landscapes and wildlife, is located 354km (220 miles) off the coast of northeastern Brazil. The islands were discovered by Amerigo Vespucci in 1503 and temporarily occupied by the Netherlands and France before Portugal established dominion in 1737. Today, only the largest island of the 21 islands where inhabited with a population of about 3,500 people. The island is a mecca for divers and snorkelling enthusiasts with year-round warm waters and good visibility even at a depth of 50m.

One of the colonial town the best preserved of Brazil, Ouro Preto, which means “black gold”, was founded in the late 17th century. It is known for large gold reserves deep underground. Visit Ouro Preto, visitors can catch many churches and magnificent palaces with unique architecture. The colonial Portugal was preserved, while modern buildings have to comply with historical standards maintained by the city. In the 18th and 19th century church was decorated with gold and the sculptures of Aleijadinho, Ouro Preto one of the most popular tourist destinations in Brazil.

In flood season from November to March each year, the tropical rainfall engulf the region by several meters high water, turn the Pantanal into an largest ecosystem freshwater marsh in the world, with an area equal half of France. Pantanal wetlands is in low-lying areas, surrounded by higher ground: the east is mountains Serra de maracaju, the south is the Serra da bodoquena, Chaco of Paraguay and Bolivia sequence block at the west and Serra dos Parecis and São Geronimo at the north. In rainy season, rain water flow from the highlands into Pantanal which flood the lowlands. And after the sprint, there are many fishes trapped in ponds, small lakes, which attracts hundreds of birds from all over flock to scramble. They drink water and eat fish, this sight is rare anywhere on earth. Therefore, Patanal is one of the main destination of Brazil.