Here Are What You Need to Know Before Visiting Marseille

Quick Tips for Visiting Marseilles City

A larger population of the world has heard about Paris. But do they know anything about Marseille? Most novel readers and fans of Alexandre Dumas write-ups who’ve read his novel “The Count of Monte-Cristo” must have heard about Marseille since the plot overview revolves around the city. It is a more exciting place to visit than to read in books. Now imagine how it can feel about setting your feet in this city of legends!

What’s more, it is the second-largest among the biggest port cities within the Mediterranean. Whether you are planning a visit or wish to know more regarding the city, here is a significant number of things you need to know:

All Visitors Should Visit the La Canebiere Street Office

All the people visiting the city should pass by the La Canebiere office (visitors information center) to pick a guide map free of charge. The map has all the tourist sites that may interest you. The availability of the map can aid free movement to the destination tourist sites without a guide. Moreover, all the visitors should pass through the office to pick an excursion and learn a variety of cultural events of their chosen destination before embarking on the journey. Also, you can buy tickets for public transportation here.

Cruise on Foot Within the City

While cruising by bus within the city can be less tiresome, walking down the streets of Marseille can be the most exciting thing to do. A cruise by foot has the following advantages:

  • Makes any visitor embrace the beauty of the city’s landmarks
  • Get full exposure to the environment
  • Helps to encounter a lot of interesting things that wouldn’t have seen on the route to various touristic destinations

Drivers Should Be Extremely Careful with Traffic Rules

In case you have rented a car to take you around, strict adherence to the traffic rules is necessary.  The driver should have in mind that any violation of traffic rules is punishable by an immense fee. Overspeeding and disorganized parking are the most severe violations you shouldn’t get involved with while touring the city. You can French translation site to help you know different road sign amid your journey. What’s more, children below 12 years should sit on the rare hind seat whereas babies should be sat on the safety seat before embarking on the touristic journey.

Prudent Tourist Visit Some Museums for Free

Frequent visitors are entitled to free entrance to various museums. Therefore, if you are a culture-oriented individual and the desire to learn takes you around visiting different museums more than once within a month, you’ll get a free entrance ticket.  While on your visit to Marseille city, here you stand a chance of visiting some museums free of charge hence sufficiently reducing your city tour expense.

Video Recording and Photo Taking Are Forbidden in Some Sites

Taking a photo and recording a video is highly prohibited in the territory of some museums and landmarks. However, you are allowed to take pictures and videos at an extra cost. Therefore, after arrival at the visitor information center, you need to specify how you want to tour around and whether you’ll need to take photos and videos to avoid falling on the wrong side of the law.

Museums Change Their Working Schedule Based on the Underlying Season

Most museums and landmarks in Marseille charge no penny to the individuals visiting them. However, weather patterns play a more significant role in determining whether or not the institutions would be working. For example, a rainy day which may fall throughout the day can deter effective working of the museum staffs. Therefore, before getting set for the next visit, inquire by the information center whether the place of your destination would be working.

July and August Are Considered the Hottest Months of the Year

July and August are regarded as the hottest months in Marseille; however, during this period, there is amiable and cool weather conducive for touring the city. However, summer is considered the tourist season since the city is always flooded with tourists with the quest to know and explore what the town has for them. You need to book a place of stay in advance before embarking on the journey to visit since during this period you can miss a chance of getting the best hotels in town.

Worry No More, Get the Facts Straight and Visit the Great Marseille City

Now that you have all you need to know about the city, visiting shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Visit the most exciting city in the world to explore, adventure, and have fun within a hospitable environment you’ve never been to before.